About Us

Vision of CTC:

“Radiating Christ’s Light, Reaching Out for Christ, Reflecting Christ & Renewing Lives for Christ”.

Origin of CTC:

After fervent prayers and meditation by the early leaders,  CTC was started during the month of  March 2014 in a modest way with a few new families who were living in Denver area. The intention was to focus on the Spiritual needs of the community. In the beginning, CTC members met once in a month at each members home.

As CTC grew in its size and Spirituality the members organize worship services on every II and IV Saturday at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Englewood, during this time CTC also conducts a separate Children’s worship service.  All the members of CTC also meet every I and III Fridays for an in depth Bible studies for the Spiritual growth of all the members.

Necessity of CTC:

  • To bring all the Indian community living in Denver to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ and to serve Him for His Glory 
  • To Sponsor construction of Churches in the rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka and to organize/Sponsor Christian Revival Meetings in these rural areas.
  • To support rural pastor’s medical care, educate their children and to take care of rural Christian aged and widows.
  • To provide infrastructure to rural churches with musical equipment and others necessities.
  • To organize Christian revival meetings in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka States

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